Legal Marketing and Business Development Coaching

Dee has successfully coached individuals resulting in new business. Dee will help you:

  • Identify opportunities and take control of your business growth
  • Create an individual marketing plan focusing on your practice, clients and career
  • Implement your business development strategies

Planning and Implementation

Without an effective plan most marketing activities are not coordinated resulting in inactivity and/or a low return on investment. Whether you’re creating direction for yourself, your office, your practice or building a new niche, Dee will help you:

  • Develop marketing plans with built-in measurement tools for ROI analysis
  • Conduct client interviews and satisfaction surveys
  • Coach teams to prepare them for new business pitches/interviews
  • Debrief attorneys/clients post-proposal to improve future tactics

Business Development Training

Training gives you, your professionals and staff the skills you need to provide superior client service, recognize business opportunities and create new ones.

Dee has trained professionals in firms, at universities, through seminars, at partner retreats, and through one-on-one coaching. Results – you will:

  • Develop “Rainmaking” skills
  • Build relationships that result in new business
  • Build and sustain client loyalty
  • Train staff to meet and anticipate your client’s needs

Maximize Your Social Media Accounts & Build a Strong Internet Footprint

Today lawyers must actively participate online because this is where their clients and prospects are. People go online to find lawyers that can solve their problems. Dee can help you:

  • Build a powerful LinkedIn Profile that draws prospects to you
  • Utilize various Social Media platforms
  • Create Content that matters

Benefits to you:

  • 25+ years legal marketing experience in law firms
  • strong leadership and consensus building skills
  • excellent interpersonal and facilitation skills

If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.

Lewis Carroll